DNA Replication Using Recycled Materials- School Project

My daughter asked me to help with her science project, the DNA replication using recycled materials. I knew that most students would be using styrofoam and styroballs so I thought of something that would set hers apart. I found an old garden hose and decided we could turn it into a nice double helix. The good thing about this is apart from no cost at all, you must have colored papers and other art materials on hand, you do not have to paint at all so no extra effort and time to clean up. Here’s what to do:


First, gather the materials needed:
Garden hose
Colored or construction papers, 6 colors
Tie wire
Cut 4” pieces of tie wire, about 10-12.
Using the cutter, cut the hose into 1” and ½” tubes for the sugar-phosphate group depending on the length you want for your model. Choose two colors for the sugar-phosphate, I used red and white, from bond paper rejects that could still be used. Cut the papers into 2”×2” squares and use them to wrap the tubes, securing the edges with a glue and pushing the ends neatly inside. On the wrapped 1” tubes, make small holes, can be one, two or three holes where you will insert the cut tie wires later. You can use an iron nail or an ice pick to cut holes. These wires will serve as the hydrogen bonds between the bases. Don’t forget to label the tubes with a marker, D- deoxyribose P-Phosphate.



Prepare the tubes to be used as nitrogenous bases. Cut more 1″ tubes. Wrap them in four different colors for cytosine, guanine, thymine, and adenine, just like you did with the sugar-phosphate group. Group them in pairs, cytosine always goes with guanine, and thymine always goes with adenine. And don’t forget to label each tube. Now you are ready to assemble your DNA model.

You will need two sets of the sugar-phosphate group to make the sides of the ladder. Bend the end of a 20” long tie wire so as not to let the tubes slip to the other end when you thread them, just like you do when you thread beads. Place them alternately, white-red-white-red. I used 11 reds and 11 whites for each set. Make sure that both sets are in uniformed pattern. In the first set, insert to the hole or holes the rungs, those 4” pre cut wires. Do it one at a time, carefully put a pair of a nitrogenous base into the rung and insert the other end to the other side of the ladder or the other set of sugar-phosphate. Do it with all of the pairs of the nitrogenous bases. Secure the ends by twisting or bending the ends of the wire. Now done, you will have a sturdy form of a ladder. Hold both ends carefully and make a counter clockwise twist to make a spiral staircase. You can mount it on a wooden frame to display like I did. Voila, you are done with your DNA double helix replica!

MMM: The Risks and the Warning

When joining the MMM community, participants have to know beforehand what is in store for them, understand the principle behind the system, and know the risks and the consequences of actions that do not adhere to its ideology.(Read: MMM Changing Lives)

MMM is in no way a business or an investment program. It doesn’t operate as a business platform with legal entitlements, bonds and ties with anyone. The system works as a mutual exchange of donations, provided by the participants out of goodwill. As such act is given freely, there is a chance that you will not get your money back. In other words, you can lose your money. Hence donating all your money or a substantial amount in the hope of getting high returns is greatly discouraged. Participants are forewarned (Read: WARNING!!!) of the risks and are encouraged to donate only any amount  that is not critical to them, or the now proverbial spare money only.

Pause Mode
Losing money is not the only possible risk. The system aims to promote a just and fair community, beneficial to all. When a participant donates and decides to let his funds, especially a hefty sum, sit for months or maybe a year basically to earn interest (30% accrued monthly), this will create an unhealthy flow in the system. Assuming that half or even just a quarter of the community would do the same, passive and inactive, with lesser new registrants, and would eventually request all their grown Mavros almost simultaneously, what would be the ultimate effect to the system? When the amount of funds requested exceeds far more than the amount of pledges to help, what would be the possible outcome? When this trend becomes apparent, a call for emergency is only appropriate, to protect the system and the community as a whole. Inevitably, the Pause Mode will be imposed. The Mavros will stop earning interests and are frozen so help requests are not possible, up to a certain time when the system gains back considerable funds to pay off the frozen Mavros, either in increments, by system generated withdrawals or whatever the community could come up to. However, the length of the Pause Mode period depends on the overall participation of the members, cooperation and a never-die spirit to continue providing donations and take necessary steps to increase a more than sufficient community growth for a more stable system. It is safe to say that during the Pause Mode nobody loses money and that it helps decrease the possibility of a restart.

A system restart is deemed to happen when participants panic and massive withdrawals happen. MMM got into this scenario before, the last restart being in 2014 which was caused by the participants’ uncontrolled withdrawals, where all payments were done in one day, but was all over the next day. In the Philippines, MMM was able to avoid an imminent restart because of the immediate implementation of the Pause Mode. It has become a lesson learned by many, and most participants have not wavered their faith in the system and have continued promoting the MMM ideology and bringing in more growth to the community. CLICK HERE TO BE AN MMM PARTICIPANT

MMM: Changing Lives Through Mutual Aid

I have been getting inquiries about MMM ever since I have turned my other Facebook account, exclusively for games then, into my official MMM account and made it public.
For some, they must have thought that I am again into one of those networking programs, or multilevel marketing or other online trading or ‘paid to’ jobs. There is nothing wrong with all of those though, as long as they are legit and proven to generate income, and one knows how to work his way around. MMM is, by far, nothing of the sort. Here is my humble and complete understanding of what MMM is all about and how it has changed and could change the lives of many.

MMM is a global community where participants donate money to other participants. MMM is not a company or a business entity so it does not maintain a central account. A participant who provides help transfers funds directly to another participant’s account. It is basically a peer to peer exchange system where anyone, eighteen years old and above, can join, regardless of location and level of income. The basic principle of MMM is to give a fair and just financial system to all, to be able to provide to others and to get help when needed in the future. Simply put, you help today, you get help tomorrow. However, before participating in the community, one must learn, comprehend and agree that the community is built based on common trust and honesty, and more significantly, the willingness to help others.

An MMM registered participant maintains a personal office, with his own username and password, which contains his account and registration details, record of his activities or transactions, among others. There are two main features in the system’s interface, one is to provide help and the other is to get help, as such the MMM jargons, ph and gh. Either which, once a participant creates an action or an order, the system generates the names of the participants  that would either receive or provide help. A participant initially provides help and in turn, can request for help after a certain period. To keep track of the amount of funds that has been provided, the funds are recorded in one’s personal office in the form of Mavro, the virtual currency used solely for the purpose of keeping track of how much funds are provided, how much has the money grown, and how much is the available amount for withdrawal. It should be noted that Mavros are exclusively used in the MMM system and can not be used for currency exchange or trading, whether online or offline.
Once a donation is made, the participant is then awarded with the equivalent Mavros, which have the potential to grow from 20 to 100% per month, depending on which program he chooses. As an example, if I donate PhP5000.00 in the current growth of 30%, I would be awarded with 5000 Mavro-PhP which could grow to 6500 Mavro-PhP in one month. If I would request for help, I could either request the equivalent amount of PhP6500.00 or only a portion of it and leave the rest to accumulate the same compounded interest rate. To sum it up, one gets rewarded with his own money back plus the interest for the act of donating to others. There is one important thing to remember though, that MMM is not an investment community, or a fast money-making scheme. (READ: MMM: The Risks and The Warning) The substantial and generous rewards rate should not be looked at as a means of making one’s money grow, because, for one thing, MMM does not give guarantees nor is it bound by any legal ties. Every participant is encouraged to provide help with however much or little he could afford, gratis. The success of the system depends on the cooperation and active participation of the community members, by living the MMM ideology and helping the community grow.

MMM was established in 1989 by the brilliant Russian mathematician, Sergey Mavrodi, his brother Vyacheslav Mavrodi and Olga Melkinova, hence the company name, taken from the initials of the three founders’ surnames. Registered in Moscow as a cooperative until 1991, MMM mainly engaged in computer and office equipment sales. The venture was quite a success that in 1992, MMM was registered as a joint stock company and started selling shares in 1994, and buying them back at much higher rates.  MMM advertisements were practically everywhere. The huge and phenomenal success of MMM did not receive the government’s approval and soon, mass media started smear campaigns against the company. That same year, Sergey Mavrodi was also charged with tax evasion. While still in prison, he was able to register as a candidate for the State Duma, winning the election but notably refusing salary and parliamentary privileges, and not attending parliament meetings for the state. He was deprived of his deputy status in 1995 and in 1997, he was put under Russia’s and the Interpol’s wanted list. While in hiding, Mavrodi set up yet another project, a game of chance, this time on internet called Stock Generation (SG). SG operated with gaming licenses and it also became a success globally, with target on the Western countries during the period 1998-2000. However, SG’s activitity came to a stop on the basis coming from an American court order.

Based on past experiences, it became evident to Mavrodi that maintaining a visible and physical location of funds, however legitimate the projects were, would still lead the government authorities to their seizure, eventually leading to the collapse of the company. This made Mavrodi came up with a better system, the rebirth of MMM where funds were to be kept in the participants’ own accounts. He was no longer the owner, but entrusted the system to the participants, thus the participants became the system.

Various forms of setbacks have come up since the launching of MMM-2011. The Russian authorities and other countries as well, were once again sticking their noses to find ways, creating tactics to destroy the system. For a time they succeeded leading to the first restart of the system. MMM started anew with a changed system in 2012, making it a mutual aid fund, which breaks down the participants’ activity mainly into two, providing assistance or making contibution, and asking help or assistance. With the changed system, MMM encountered yet again other serious problems, from advertising to the low morale of the managers and participants due to shock from the previous restart that resulted to a reduced inactivity. In 2013, a whole new concept of MMM was introduced, as well as the Pause Mode, which serves as an emergency measure to reduce a possible risk of a restart.

Today, the community is vastly growing globally, increasing in numbers in over a hundred countries, reaching out to those financially deprived by maintaining its ideologies. Sergey Mavrodi, the brains behind MMM, aptly coined the system, Financial Apocalypse, aimed to destroy the unfair and unjust system that has made the people its slaves.

Together we change the world. CLICK TO BECOME A PARTICIPANT!!!


moist cake

I vent, I take long or short walks, I sleep, write, or pray. Deep meditation and having someone to talk to do wonders too. Either which way, it helps me keep my feet firmly on the ground and start to think rationally.

I am talking about emotional burdens and coping with them. They come in light or heavy, and whatever the causes may be, they should be taken seriously. Letting go, changing perspectives, thinking positive, and holding the reins of your own happiness can keep you from inducing more damage to any undesirable situation. One can always beat depression. You can not just sit around, pretend everything is okay even when it is not, nor can you just escape reality. Because by doing so, you may not know when you have already let life slip away.

And life is beautiful, however imperfect it may be.

The angel in me? :)

Like The Angels

The angels may have seen me running away,
Spread your wings, take me to fly and be free,
Let me in a higher realm,
Let the light embrace me.

Heal me, shield me,
Enfold me in glorious abundance
of love and peace that may grow,
in manifold in this earthly ground.

May I be like the good angels,
in heavens or on earth they may dwell, no boundaries
Even in thoughts and in dreams, they can ease the pain,
That I too, may comfort and protect, bring joy
to dear ones, and enjoy the world where my angels abound.